Misty River Band
If interested in purchasing a copy of the either of our cd's, please contact Bud at
lmbm@yadtel.net  They are $12 shipped to you via USPS.
Going to the Grove

  1. Back to Carolina
  2. Love Please Come Home
  3. The Bishop's Visit
  4. The Darkest Hour
  5. It's Home
  6. Gospel Plow
  7. Southern Flavor
  8. Another Night
  9. Heaven
  10. Walls of Time
  11. Wayfaring Stranger
  12. Going to the Grove
Pickin' in the Moonlight

1. Pickin' in the Moonlight
2. Rider
3. There is a Lord
4. I'll Be Gone
5. Lonely Quit Knocking on
my                 Door
6. The Graveyard Shift
7. Take This Hammer
8. Lord It's Just Another Hill
9. Gonna Settle Down
10. Rocky Road Blues
11. Blue Yodel #4
12. Talk About Suffering
13. Moonlight Midnight